Friday, June 19, 2009

WRSU FM plays Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency

Catching up on some radio airplay…

WRSU FM in New Brunswick, New Jersey played the title cut “Emerging Transparency” from the new Sensitive Chaos CD on their June 2, 2009 Machine Age Voodoo show:

Playlist- 06-02-09

The Shamen - L.S.I. (Deep Mix) [L.S.I. (DJ Exclusive Dub Plate Pack)]
Polygon Window - Polygon Window [Polygon Window (Surfing On Sine Waves)]
Foremost Poets - Reasons 2 B Dismal (Foresight Version) [Reasons To Be Dismal?]
Alegria - Danger (Alien Remake) [T.O.S. EP - The Remixes]
The Project - Understand(ing) [Produced by Nemesis Volume IV]
Burial - Near Dark [Untrue]
Two Fingers - Moth Rhythm [Two Fingers]
The Field - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime [Yesterday And Today]
The Black Dog - Biomantric L-if-e [Further Vexations]
AGF / Delay - Most Beautiful [Symptoms]
Moderat - Slow March (feat. Paul St. Hilaire) [Moderat]
Sensitive Chaos - Emerging Transparency [Emerging Transparency]
Coil - Amethyst Deceivers [Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)]
itsnotyouitsme - Great Day [Walled Gardens]
Louderbach - Seems Like Static [Autumn]
Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Sunday After The War [Candylion]
Northern Valentine - Perseus [Stars Whisper]
The Edge Of A Fairytale - Pillars Of Creation [Between Interval]
Plastik Joy - True Norwegian Black Metal [3:03]
Philippe Petit & Friends - Sybarite & Philippe Petit [(Reciprocess: +/VS.)]
City Center - Killer Whale [City Center]
Jon Hopkins - The Low Places [Insides]
Mathias Schaffhäuser & Benjamin Brunn - Pretoria Love [Unequal Equality]
Bass Communion - Amphead [II/III]
Bass Communion - Three Pieces For Television: Sonar [II/III]

WRSU-FM Interview w/ Hotel, Hotel and Salesman - Lisa Uber; Hotel, Hotel; Salesman
Hotel, Hotel - Midwinter Blues [Various Friends Of Silber: Winterizing]
Hotel, Hotel - The Captain Goes Down With The Ship (sinking) [The Sad Sea]
Hotel, Hotel - The Captain Goes Down With The Ship (drowning) [The Sad Sea]
Salesman - Great White [Plural]
Hotel, Hotel - Mary Celeste [The Sad Sea]

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency remains in NAR Top 65 for May

New Age Reporter has released their Top 100 report for May 2009 and Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency holds on to the #65 spot, maintaining its mid-chart position for March (#50), April (#52), and now May.

Emerging Transparency's May chart postion was influenced by airplay which included a #2 Top 20 listing from WDBX 91.1FM's Music from Beyond the Lakes, and a #7 Top 20 listing from WWSP 90FM's Ambient Aether/Space Continuum.

The previous Sensitive Chaos album, Leak, achieved a solitary Top 100 nod in July of 2007, denting the chart at #97.

Top Recording for May 2009
Title: The Color of Sunshine
Artist: Lawrence Blatt
Label: LMB Music
Score: 10.95

2(2) The Shade of the Sycamore - Tony Sandate - Weaving Libra Records 7.27
3(1) Blue Dream - Fiona Joy Hawkins - Little Hartley Music 7.19
4(86) Om Gaia - Terri Liles Mason - Self Released 6.90
5(4) The Other Side - Paul Jensen - Juan Carlos Productions 5.97
6(59) Sanctuary - Gandalf - Real Music 4.90
7(7) Piano Opus - Brian Crain - Crain Records 4.18
8(--) Solo Piano for Peace - Louis Landon - Landon Creative, Inc 3.63
9(14) A Word In The Wind - 2002 - Gemini Sun Records 3.23
10(--) Gentle Spirit - Bernward Koch - Real Music 3.16

1138Dynamic StillnessSteve RoachProjekt 3.13
12312 MonthsDavid MaukThera Records 2.94
1338In The CloudsMichele IppolitoPenrose Records 2.82
149Leap of FaithEric Tingstad & Nancy RumbelCheshire Records 2.79
155Watching For RainAnne TrenningShadetree Records 2.69
1691LinkKen ElkinsonAugust Son Productions 2.68
17--Light ReturningAcoustic OceanSelf Released 2.60
176CloudlandWhitetreePonderosa Music & Art 2.60
198A Celtic DreamMichele McLaughlinSelf Released 2.56
2012SiyotankaMichael Brant DeMariaOntos Music 2.29
2023The Edge of a FairytaleBetween IntervalSpotted Peccary Music 2.29
2219Two Worlds OneLisa Lynne & Aryeh FrankfurterNew Earth Records 2.00
2327A Miraculous ContainerMandrake ProjectBlistering Records 1.94
2413Memories of Summer as a ChildThe Beyman BrosDharma Moon 1.87
2515Sitar SecretsAl Gromer KhanNew Earth Records 1.52
2618TwirlAOMusicAO Music 1.50
27--Spirit LoungeV/ANew Earth Records 1.44
28--The Healing FluteAlice GomezTalking Taco Music 1.32
2910Liquid Mind IX: LullabyLiquid MindReal Music 1.31
3054RainJoshua RichSelf Released 1.24
3116Endless Blue SkyKevin KernReal Music 1.23
3221Beyond the PortalCraig Padilla & Zero Ohms (Richard J. Roberts) & Skip MurphyLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 1.19
3317Sun Down Moon UpDerek Jones
3411Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard GuitarMatthew MontfortAncient-Future.Com Records 1.10
3448Angel HealingErik BerglundOreade Music 1.10
3691Other WorldsMark DwaneTrondant 1.06
3635VoicesYanniDisney Pearl Series 1.06
3656Harbin TempleBodhiCrystal Wind 1.06
3926Ancient SunThunderBeatThunderVision Records 0.98
4025The Wilting DreamDolom ZeroWinethirty Music 0.97
4091TrilliumKori Linae CarothersiRoknNod Records 0.97
424312-String GuitarNeil JacobsAdena Productions 0.94
4328Joyful SpiritDavid SunOreade Music 0.90
4432JhoomGabrielle Roth and The MirrorsRaven Recording 0.84
4547Warrior's Last BreathMike SernaSelf Released 0.81
4537Flute Meditations for Dreaming CloudsPaul AdamsLakefront 0.81
47--AntiquusDavid WahlerDarius Productions 0.77
4868VoicesDerek BermelBMOP Sound 0.74
4975Visions & HealingBen Tavera KingTalking Taco Music 0.73
4930SangriaMariah ParkerAncient-Future.Com Records 0.73
5134OrchardAlicia BessetteWachusett Records 0.71
5124Rainshadow SkyJeff PearceJeff Pearce Music 0.71
5191AmatoriaFederico AubeleEighteenth Street Lounge Music 0.71
5191The Legend of GaneshaGuy SweensMG Music 0.71
5520Save The WorldCadence SpaldingSound Manipulations 0.69
5629FantasynthPsicodreamicsWitches on the Radiowaves 0.68
5766In CTerry RileySony BMG Classical 0.60
57--Night WatchDan PoundSelf Released 0.60
59--Secret PlacesNeil JacobsAdena Productions 0.58
59--auralspaceBruno Sanfilippoad21music 0.58
59--Zen LoungeSoulfoodSFD-Soulfood Music 0.58
62--Tres Tres FortStaff Benda BililiCrammed Discs 0.56
6348In A DreamPeter Kater / Dominic Miller w/ Jaques Morelenbaum and Kenny LogginsPoint of Light Records 0.55
6340AscensionPhoenix RisingCopus Music 0.55
6552Emerging TransparencySensitive ChaosSubsequent Records 0.53
66--Playing For Change: Songs Around The World (cd + dvd)V/AHear Music - Concord Music Group 0.52
6768SanctuaryDonna De LoryNutone 0.50
67--The Lovejoy SessionsChasmSticks & Stones Music 0.50
6930Planet PassionAncient FutureAncient-Future.Com Records 0.48
6973Live At The Zodiac Berlin 1968Human BeingNepenthe Music and Publishing 0.48
71--RE: (re:cycled | re:visited | re:mastered)Bob HolroydLong Tale Recordings 0.47
72--Blue VelvetAndreas AkwaraAA Music 0.45
72--Zen WorldThierry DavidReal Music 0.45
7468EsotericaDan PoundPoundsounds 0.44
7585Prayer to the MysteryLittle WolfNew Earth Records 0.42
7565Close to HomeLaura SullivanSentient Spirit Records 0.42
75--QuaClusterNepenthe Music and Publishing 0.42
78--Thumbs UpJohn AdamsCongruent Music 0.40
7836Coming Into ViewMichael LogozarSelf Released 0.40
78--Celtic ReikiChris Conway & LlewellynParadise Music 0.40
7844The Journey to the Places in My SoulVicki LoganCarvic Inc. 0.40
7822Callin' You HomeCoyote Poets of the UniverseSquare Shaped Records 0.40
83--Nights From The Alhambra (live)Loreena McKennittQuinlan Road-Universal Music 0.37
83--In A Hummingbird's DreamDan PoundPoundsounds 0.37
85--the 10,000 stepsBiomusiqueKosmic Music 0.35
85--October WindRebecca OswaldSelf Released 0.35
85--Ayurveda: The Fragrance of WellbeingKiran MurtiReal Music 0.35
85--First Light: The Best of GolanaGolana'Spring Hill Music 0.35
85--Forastiere LiveForastiereCandy Rat 0.35
8591Other LifeMorgan DoctorAporia Records 0.35
9184Welcome to Mali Amadou & MariamNonesuch Records - Warner Music Group 0.34
9168Steal AwayWilliam Gokelman
9155Odyssey of Rapture vol. 1V/AMythical Records 0.34
9157ScheherazadeAl ContiShadowside Music Publishing 0.34
9145Sudden DepartureRichard BoneQuirkworks Laboratory Discs 0.34
91--Ritual FictionTwilight Archiveelectrophonogram 0.34
9191Promise Me the MoonJeannie TannerSelf Released 0.34
9891CartographyArve HenriksenECM Records 0.32
9891Tate Topa WinJJ KentSelf-Released 0.32
98--The Grape and the GrainLeo AbrahamsJust Music 0.32
98--The DreamThe OrbSix Degrees Records 0.32
98--Earth ChakrasJoshua SamsonOreade Music 0.32
98--The Mask of MemoryKevin Keller"indie" 0.32
98--Desert RealmsRudy AdrianLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.32
9891CinematicSpencer BrewerSelf Released 0.32
98--Within My WallsThe Idan Raichel ProjectCumbancha 0.32
98--IndiaV/APutumayo World Music 0.32

Thursday, June 11, 2009

WDBX 91.1FM Puts Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency At #2 For May 2009

The Music from Beyond the Lakes radio show on Cabondale, Illinois radio station WDBX 91.1FM has put the Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency CD at #2 on their Top 20 for May 2009.

May 2009 Top 20, as reported to New Age Reporter
Music from Beyond the Lakes
Produced by Jerry Nelms, Namdar Mogharreban, Anil Mehta, and Brian Kearney
Sundays, 8-10 pm Central Time, USA
WDBX, 91.1 FM, Carbondale, Illinois (
Community Radio for Southern Illinois . . . and the world beyond!

Streaming live every Sunday evening at (click on “Listen”).

1. Kevin Keller - The Mask of Memory - "indie"
2. Sensitive Chaos - Emerging Transparency - Subsequent Records
3. Michele Ippolito - In The Clouds - Penrose Records
4. Rudy Adrian - Desert Realms - Lotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music
5. Chris Conway - Celtic Reiki - Paradise Music
6. Jeff Pearce - Rainshadow Sky - Jeff Pearce Music
7. Lawrence Blatt - The Color of Sunshine - LMB Music
8. Liquid Mind - Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby - Real Music
9. Bruno Sanfilippo - auralspace - ad21music
10. Kevin Kendle - Pure Dreaming - New World Music
11. Louis Landon - Solo Piano for Peace - Landon Creative, Inc
12. Paul Ellis (electronica) - Silent Conversations - Groove Unlimited
13. Deuter - Spiritual Healing - New Earth Records
14. Lis Addison - The Song of the Tree - All Aglow Music
15. Spencer Hoveskeland Trio - Harbinger - Self Released
16. Ludovico Einaudi - Ludovico Einaudi Live in Berlin - Ponderosa - Klassik Radio Records
17. Acoustic Ocean - Light Returning - Self Released
18. Michele McLaughlin - A Celtic Dream - Self Released
19. Varsha Saxena - After the Storm - North Pacific Music
20. Brian Henke - The Nature of Light - Self Released

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcasts Sensitive Chaos "Fifty Light Years From Home"

The Hypnagogue Podcast featured Sensitive Chaos "Fifty Light Years From Home" from the Emerging Transparency CD on their inaugural show on June 3, 2009.

Every two weeks, 90 minutes of the best ambient and electronic music from around the world.

The first podcast features music from:

  • Steve Rose
  • Ministry of Inside Things
  • Mingo
  • Sensitive Chaos
  • A.R.S.(e)
  • Computerchemist
  • Dolmen
  • Parallel Worlds
  • Numina
  • Ran Kirlian
  • Synthetic Dream Foundation
  • Steve Roach