Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Space Station Soma FM Adds Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency

Soma FM's Space Station Soma
has added the new Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency CD to its playlist, playing the title track on July 26.

The first Sensitive Chaos CD Leak has received nearly weekly play on Space Station Soma and sister station cliphop IDM since November 2006.

All Soma FM stations and playlists can be found here

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free mp3 download of new music from The Good Graces

My alt folk band, The Good Graces, is giving away our new EP for FREE - one song at a time.

Get the first one, "Working Title" here:


The Good Graces are Kim Ware, John McNicholas, and Jim Combs

More new band photos can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maigh/sets/72157621639172742/

This song features my Fender Rhodes and a Korg MonoPoly soft synth. Kim does vocals, acoustic gtr, and drums, and John does electric guitar.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Please vote for me in Creative Loafing Best of ATL 2009

The 2009 Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta voting has begun and anyone can vote (one ballot per email address). Please consider voting for Sensitive Chaos for Local Electronic Act.


I'm going for my third win in this category (I also won in 2005 & 2007).

You'll also need to select a choice in at least nine other categories, so here is a suggestion list if you need it:

Neighborhood to live in without a car- East Lake Commons

Overall radio station- WRAS Album 88

Non-commercial radio station- WABE

Local blog/blogger- Drive A Faster Car

Local male actor- Rob Cleveland

Local female actor- Mary Lynn Owen

Local spoken word artist- The Subliminator

Local arts blog- ARTlanta

Local singer/songwriter- Lindsay Appel

Local electronic act- Sensitive Chaos

Local experimental music act- recompas

Local folk act- The Good Graces

Georgia-based music blog- Cable and Tweed

Place to hear music for free- Kavarna

New restaurant- Flip Burger Boutique

Breakfast- Thumb's Up

Coffeehouse- Kavarna

Hamburger- Flip Burger Boutique

Outdoor farmer's market- EAV Farmer's Market

CDs- Criminal Records

Used CDs- Decatur CD

Vinyl- Criminal Records

DVD/video rental- Movies Worth Seeing


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Music Labels Reach Online Royalty Deal

A New York Times article on Tuesday's agreement between Music Labels and SoundExchange and online broadcasters:

Webcasters with significant advertising revenue, like Pandora or Slacker, will pay the greater of 25 percent of revenue or a fee each time a listener hears a song, starting at .08 cent for songs streamed in 2006 and increasing to .14 cent in 2015. Pandora had $19 million in revenue last year and expects that to rise to $40 million this year.

Small sites with less than $1.25 million in revenue, like AccuRadio, Digitally Imported and RadioIO, will pay 12 to 14 percent of it in royalties. All stations will be required to pay an annual minimum fee of $25,000, which they can apply to their royalty payments.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Sensitive Chaos @ MGFest and City Skies Shows July 11 & 12

I'll be performing as Sensitive Chaos twice on the weekend of July 11th and 12 with shows at Saturday night's City Skies 09 Electronic Music event @ Kavarna in Decatur, GA and Sunday night's MGFest09 (Motion Graphics Fest) @ The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA.

My set at City Skies will start at 8pm and other fantastic performers that night are Pink Kodiak, reklein, and Mark Mahoney. Kavarna is located at 707 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA 30030. More info can be found at CitySkies.com.

I'm really excited about the MGFest show. I'll be performing from 9:30-11pm for an extra long set, and my set visuals will be provided by Integrated Visions, an Atlanta, GA based VJ team founded by Michelle Penland and Bryan Dodson in 2002.

After graduating from the art school at the University of Georgia, Michelle and Bryan began experimenting with collaborative visual arts, searching for a technique that would allow them to collaborate with visual art similar to the way Jazz musicians collaborate with sound. This experimentation led them to discover the unlimited possibilities of VJing. In addition to allowing Michelle and Bryan the opportunity to collaborate with each other, VJing has allowed them the opportunity to collaborate with countless artists from different disciplines including musicians, dancers, actors and directors.

Since 2002, Integrated Visions has performed live video projections along side many internationally recognized artists including DJ Qbert, Richard Devine, Carl Cox, Infected Mushroom, Deep Dish, the Juice Crew and The Roots. Their work can also be seen on tour this summer with Very Disco, a Daft Punk Tribute.