Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KCBX 90FM Last Jazz Show plays Sensitive Chaos "Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire"

KCBX 90FM Last Jazz Show in San Luis Obispo | 89.5 Santa Barbara | 91.7 Paso Robles to Salinas 90.9 Santa Ynez, Avila Beach, Cambria | 91.1 Cayucos | and 95.1 Lompoc played my Sensitive Chaos "Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire" last night!

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Last Jazz Show with Sal Espana      [email host]

Nobody's really sure, but we think Jon Iverson started hosting The Last Jazz Show on Tuesday nights at KCBX sometime around 1980. A refugee from free-form FM rock radio, he quickly dove into the KCBX jazz library and systematically worked through the decades only to end up hovering around today's music fringes.

Sal España began co-hosting with Jon around 2004, eventually going solo in 2009. Like most of our audience, Sal ponders the name of the program, as little actual "Jazz" is played. Neal claims it's Jon's sense of humor. Neal's usually right.

Since we follow "Pickin' Up The Tempo," we usually start with something acoustic - often a guitar, sometimes edging towards Rock. But, this being a public radio station, we veer off into the night spinning the latest ambient, electronic, classical, world music hybrids.

Playlist for: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 
Time Artist Title Album Label 
10:01 PMKlaus SchulzeVelvet SystemEn TranceInside Out
10:18 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
10:19 PMEdgar FroeseDrunken Mozart in the DesertStuntmanVirgin
10:29 PMSchicke Fuhrs Froling (SFF)GedankenspielLive 1975Nordsee Records
10:37 PMGosta Berlings SagaGliese 581gGlue WorksCuneiform Records
10:43 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
10:44 PMBang On A Can1/2Music For Airports [Eno]Cantalope Records
10:52 PMAlexander BerneMeme VIIFlickers of Mime/Death of MemesInnova Recordings
10:59 PMIlhan MimarogluStill Life 1980Musiques NoiresFinnadar Records
11:10 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
11:11 PMAnna ThorvalaldsdottirDreamingRhizomaInnova Recordings
11:29 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
11:30 PMSensitive ChaosWarm Glow on the Atomic FireSeeker After PatternsSunsequent Records
11:38 PMRobert SchroederThe Message/ImagineTime WavesDeutsche Astrophon
12:00 AM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
12:01 AMMilton BabbittReflections (for Piano and synthesized tape)New Music For VirtuososNew World Records
12:11 AMMatt Haimovitz/Christopher O'RileyA Lotus on Irish StreamsShuffle Play ListenOxengale Records
12:20 AM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
12:21 AMLudovico EinaudiBerlin Song/Tu Sei/Melodia Africana IThe Royal Albert Hall ConcertLudovico Einaudi
12:36 AMBob James/Keiko MatsuiAltair & VegaAltair & VegaEOne
12:43 AMJon AndersonCloudzSurvival and Other StoriesGonzo Multimedia
12:49 AM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
12:50 AMPlaneta ImaginarioSidewalk LickerOptical DelusionsCuneiform Records
12:59 AM***

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KCUR 89.3FM Night Tides plays Sensitive Chaos "Seeker After Patterns (Radio Edit 2)"

KCUR Night Tides "Night Music" 10/16/2011

8 - 8:30 p.m.
¯ Sensitive Chaos
Seeker After Patterns Radio Edit 2 / Seeker After Patterns ~ Subsequent Records
¯ Hennie Bekker
Amani (Peace) / Spectrum ~ Abbeywood Records
¯ Ancient Future
Gopi Song / World Without Walls ~ Sona Gaia Productions
¯ Niall
The Bear / Power Animals ~ Paradise Music
¯ Patrick Bernard
Sacred Doors of the Third World Peace / Peace, Love & Light ~ Devi Communications

8:30 - 9:00 p.m.
¯ Code Indigo
Lost Radio Programs 2 & 3 / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Robert Fox
Lady of the Lake / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Acheloo
Ishtar Gate / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Claudio Merlini
Travelers In Time / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Ramsay Gee
Loona Faze / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Divine Matrix
Whistle the Moon / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music

9:00 - 9:30 p.m.
¯ Callisto
The Darkness of Night / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Lord of the Ants
Indifferent Sea / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Wim
Phantasma / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Giegertek
What Dreams May Come / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ The Pels Syndicate
Smooth Night Life / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Dead Beat Project
Checkmate / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music

9:30 - 10:00 p.m.
¯ Boddy, Hoffman-Hoock & Wright
Trinity / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Dyhanam
Silent Talk / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ David Wright
The Sound of Light / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Bekki Williams
Hymn (for Her) / A Little More Night Music ~ A.D. Music
¯ Jeff Oster
Essence of Herb / Surrender ~ Retso Records
¯ Enigmatic Flux
Cosmos / Circle of Enlightenment ~ Auric Tone Productions

10:00 - 11:00 p.m.
¯ Erik Wøllo
Silent Currents 2 / Silent Currents ~ Projekt
¯ Psicodreamics
Forest Heartbeat / Ancient Wisdom ~ WOTR

11:00 - 11:30 p.m.
Peter Phippen & Friends
Other / Summerland ~ Promotion Music Records
¯ Ashana & Thomas Barquee
Vision / Jewels of Silence ~ Angelic Tones
¯ Cyberchump
In the Time of Gone / Their Moment of Perfect Happiness ~ Internal Combustion
¯ Max Corbacho
Garden of Revealed Flame / The Talisman ~ AD21 Music

11:30 - Midnight:
¯ Patrick O'Hearn
Courage / Transitions ~ Patrickohearn Music
¯ Paul Avgerinos
Waters of Life / Bliss ~ Round Sky Music
¯ Terry Oldfield / Soraya Saraswati
Call of the Deep / Healing Sound Journey ~ New Earth Records
¯ Numina
We Will Always Be / Dawn of Obscurity ~ Numinamusic
¯ Hammock
Before the Celebration / Kenotic ~ Blue Raft Music
¯ Yanni
In the Morning Light / In My Time ~ Private Music

Monday, October 17, 2011

KUAC 89.9FM Nightlight plays Sensitive Chaos "Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire"

KUAC 89.9FM Nightlight show in Fairbanks, AK played my Sensitive Chaos "Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire" on last night's show.

NightlightLocally HostedOct 16, 2011
11:00PM - 1:00AM
host / produce, andyb,,"""bringing in music that falls between the cracks"
NameSong TitleName of CD
greg ellisclarityrhythm
ballake sissoko / vincernt segaloscarinechamber music
staff benda billipoliotres tres fort
huun huur tuin search of a lost pasteternal
bob holroyda weak winter sunbeachcombing
alpha wave movementrubiconthe regions between
colleensummer waterthe golden morning breaks
john mclaughlinmiles from indiamiles from india
john matarazzojudean desertlogical drift
mark ishampittsburg 1901'86 windham hill sampler
theirrey davidpastel footprintsveil of tears
patrick ohearnpatternstransiitions
gurdjieff folk instrument ensemblechantfrom a holy bookt g f e / levon eskenian
gurdjieff folk instrument ensembleprayert g f e / levon eskenian
gurdjieff folk instrument ensemblesayyid chantt g f e / levon eskenian
dino saluzzi / anja lechnerfragmentsnavidad de los indies
sensitive chaoswarm glow of the atomic fireseeker after patterns
hans joachim rodeliusimogenreverso
ludivico einaudiberlin songroyal albert hall concert
ludivico einaudii giorniroyal albert hall concert
idan raichle projectsiyaishaya ingoma (sing out for love )idan raichle project
levi chenceremonymeditation of my soul
chris conwaythe path inguiding light music for meditation