Thursday, May 14, 2009

WRSU FM plays Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency

Catching up on some radio airplay...

WRSU FM in New Brunswick, New Jersey played the title cut "Emerging Transparency" from the new Sensitive Chaos CD on their May 5th, 2009 Machine Age Voodoo show:

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

LFO - Intro [Frequencies]
LFO - L.F.O. [Frequencies]
kid606 - Getranke Nasty [Shout At The Döner]
King Cannibal - Murder Us [Ninja Tune Singles Compilation April 2009]
The Black Dog - Skin Clock [Further Vexations]

Sensitive Chaos
- Emerging Transparency [Emerging Transparency]

- Among Myselves [Lifeforms]
Louderbach - Seems Like Static [Autumn]
Raskolnikov's Dream - Uriel [Uriel]
AGF/Delay - Most Beautiful [Symptoms]
Grauwelt - Without You [Obsolete]
Windy & Carl - Btwn You + Me [Songs For The Broken Hearted]
Christine Carter - Hidden Man [Original Darkness]
Bass Communion - Slut 2.1 [II/III]
Atom™ - Weißes Rauschen (erster Teil) [Liedgut]
Antrilon - Depths Of Insanity [Mind Erase]
Claro Intelecto - Trial And Error [Warehouse Sessions]
Redcell - Soundtrack Of A Strange Er [B12 Records Archive Volume 4]
The Edge Of A Fairytale - Sea Of Darkness [Between Interval]

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