Monday, December 7, 2009

Stomp & Stammer Reviews The Good Graces

Stomp and Stammer
's Jeff Clark reviewed The Good Graces EP Bring On The Tambourines in the December issue and Support Our Troops section of the magazine. I love being associated with this record!
Kim Ware's group The Good Graces has always provided a pleasant experience, but it hasn't been until their new five-song EPBring On the Tambourines! that they've really made much of a lasting impression. Relaxed, direct, poignant, honest, funny and with a mouth like a sailor, it's the record the band's been needing to make. It's like they jumped off from the simplest premises – "Bad Driver" is about a bad driver, "I Miss the '90s" is about missing the '90s, etc. – and ran with 'em, but it's the clever writing and unpretentious performances that make it work.

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