Saturday, January 2, 2010

KKUP 91.5FM Selects Sensitive Chaos as Best Visionary Music of 2009

KKUP 91.5FM's Eric Mystic, DJ for the Mystic Music radio show, has selected the Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency CD as one of the Best Visionary Music of 2009. The CD received airplay on the Visionary Music Marathon that ran from January 1 through January 3, 2010.

Sensitive Chaos was part of a select crowd that included:

Picks of the Year 2009

(or in some cases the year before, if not played on Mystic Music until 2009). The top 30, plus others, were played on the visionary marathon Jan.1, 2010, between Noon and 10 PM. Rankings are a fluid and approximate picture of my experience of these works, and subject to change later, but the number might help you remember a CD you liked that you heard on the marathon, and to find it on this list. Eric Mystic recommends all of these as the best visionary music I know of in 2009. Most are filed in our KKUP library. Those in bold may still be premiums available for a pledge of $40 or more (check DJ for availability); please call during the marathon, or our regular visionary programs, and pledge if you want one. Thanks very much for listening and supporting KKUP Peoples Radio.

1. Robert Carty - Starlight Volume 2
2. David Parsons - Jyoti
3. Steve Roach - Dynamic Stillness
4. Oliver Schroer - Camino
5. Cluster - Qua
6. Jeff Greinke - Virga
7. Steve Roach - Destination Beyond
8. Dan Pound - Rock Into Sand
9. Dan Pound - Esoterica
10. Robert Rich & Faryus - Zerkalo
11. The Tangent Project - Surface
12. Steve Roach - Afterlight
13. Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms & Skip Murphy - Beyond the Portal
14. Numina - Sound Symbols
15. Aes Dana - Leylines
16. Bruno Sanfilippo - Auralspace
17. Igneous Flame/Achromus - Flicker
18. Igneous Flame - Electra
19. Terra Ambient - Wanderlust
20. Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures 2
21. Resonant Drift - The Call
22. Matthew Montfort - Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar
23. Mike Howe - Time Stands Still
24. H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris
25. Solar Fields - Movements
26. Igneous Flame/Disturbed Earth - Harmonium
27. Open Canvas - Travel by Sound
28. William Edge - Crucible
29. Sensitive Chaos - Emerging Transparency
30. Trance Love Airways - Ascension
31. Lea Longo - Zen Voyage
32. Max Corbacho - Ars Lucis
33. Deborah Martin/Erik Wollo - Between Worlds
34. Solar Fields - Reflective Frequencies
35. Michael Demaria - Ocean
36. Circular - Substans
37. Dan Pound - Living Planet
38. Observation Point - Behind the Sun
39. Aomusic - Twirl
40. Lawrence Blatt - The Color of Sunshine

Climbers, runners-up, and works I don't have access to but heard on Neptune Currents or elsewhere (not necessarily in order):

Alpha Wave Movement - Cosmic Mandala (EP)
Derek Jones - Sun Down Moon Up
William Edge - Moth and the Fire Dragon
Chris Bocast/M.J. Catalin - Stratagem
Sky - Love in Grace
Eucalyptus Dream - Ear of the Beholder
Timothy Cooper - East Wind
Jonn Serrie/Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World Beyond
Saul Stokes - Metacollage
National Debt - Third Eye Opener
The Beyman Bros. - Memories of Summer as a Child
Paul Avgerinos/Kevin Braheny - Love
Michael Stribling - The Promise
Cybervixen - Venus
Psychodreamics - Fantasynth

Top compilations, re-releases, etc.

Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana - Spirit Dome/Live Archive
Deuter - Eternity

Some Oldies played in 2009 (in approximate order of airplay)

David Parsons - Earthlight
Robert Carty - Starlight Volume 1
Max Corbacho - Breath Stream
Steve Roach/Erik Wollo - Stream of Thought
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy - React
Rudy Adrian - Desert Realms
Craig Padilla - Below the Mountain
Divine Oracle/Michael Hammer - Touched by the Light
David Parsons - Surya
Dan Pound - Night Watch
Alpha Wave Movement - Terra (available as DVD premium)
various artists incl. Tim Story - In Search of Angels
David Helpling/Jon Jenkins - Treasure
Al Conti - Scheherazade
Kevin Keller - Pendulum
Richard Warner - Quiet Heart/Spirit Wind
Bruno Sanfilippo & Matthias Grassow - Ambessence
Evan Bartholomew - Caverns of Time
Robert Rich - Bestiary
Robert Carty - Timeless
Robert Carty - Darklight
Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat
Loreena McKennitt - An Ancient Muse

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