Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Last Show with The Good Graces (for awhile)

The Good Graces is taking a hiatus starting in June, so that band leader Kim Ware can turn her attentions to other aspects of her life beyond her Eskimo Kiss Records label and The Good Graces band. EKR is celebrating its 10th anniversary and tGG have been at it for nearly 3 years, with an album and EP, plus several appearances in compilations to show for the work, plus many, many performances at some great venues from Atlanta to Wilmington, NC.

I'm very thankful for my time in The Good Graces. I responded to Kim's ad on MySpace way back when looking for a percussionist and ended up playing keyboards, percussion, and singing background vocals. Getting to perform with Kim, guitarist/vocalist John McNicholas, and drummer Donna Riley, including our two mini-tours of Georgia and North Carolina, are definite highlights. I love Kim's music and have loved playing those songs out live. It's hard to put into words what the experience has meant to me, but fabulous friends and improved music abilities are the two main bullet points.

While Kim and John will close out The Good Graces this Sunday at the EKR 10th Anniversary Show in Wilmington, NC, the whole band's last show was May 21 at Kavarna in Decatur, GA. Here is a video of that last show shot by Jacque Carder .

The Good Graces - Atlanta Finale @ Kavarna 5/21/10 from Jim Combs on Vimeo.

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