Monday, April 30, 2012

WYSO 91.3FM keeps Sensitive Chaos "A Piece of Stars" in rotation

Alpha Rhythms

Sunday, 8 - 11pm
Alpha Rhythms are patterns of smooth, electrical oscillations in the brain that reflect a transcendent and dynamic state of being. Sunday nights on WYSO, we bring you the music that will transport your mind, inhabit your body, and transform your soul.
The songs span the globe and universe. You'll hear danceable grooves from India and the Middle East and celestial soundscapes ideal for meditation or creative inspiration. It's a sonic journey that takes you to distant and exotic locations and reshapes your musical perspective.
In the first half of the show, Juliet brings you beats from around the world perfect for dreaming or dancing. Whether we travel to another hemisphere with artists like Karsh Kale and Dj Cheb I Sabbah or stay close to home with Douglas Bluefeather, you can tap your feet or tap into something deeper.
In the second half, Justin creates a unique blend of sounds to expand your aural palette. With artists such as Dead Can Dance and Ludovico Einaudi, he’ll capture your imagination. Mixing in some pulsating electronic grooves from musicians like BT or The Orb, he will stir the fantasy of the future within your mind. Finally, Justin will bring you back down to earth and simultaneously free your soul to the universe with music from sound sculptors such as Steve Roach or Jonn Serrie.
With special interviews and new music features from Jerry Kenney, we bring the people that create the music and the places that inspire it to your radio.
Every journey is different for every person. Please join us Sunday evenings from 8-11 EST for a trip that gives you the escape you’ve been looking for, at a price that everyone can afford.


April 29, 2012
8:01 PM
A Piece of Stars
Artist : Sensitive Chaos
Album : Seeker After Patterns
Label : Subsequent Records
8:07 PM
Artist : dZhian & Kamien
Album : Gran Risvera
Label : Six Degrees
8:12 PM
Artist : Zero One
Album : Ambienism
Label : Spiralight
8:20 PM
Artist : The Karminsky Experience
Album : Den of Thieves
Label : ESL Music
8:26 PM
Artist : Peter Kater
Album : Song for Humanity
Label : Intersound
8:34 PM
Gathered Together
Artist : Douglas Bluefeather and Danny Voris
Album : Earth Songs
Label : Spirit Hawk Records
8:39 PM
Artist : Sounds From the Ground
Album : Kin
Label : Waveform
8:49 PM
Artist : Karsh Kale
Album : Cinema
Label : Six Degrees
8:57 PM
Water Birth
Artist : David Arkenstone
Album : Ambient World
Label : Dono
9:05 PM
Artist : Ludovico Einaudi
Album : The Royal Albert Hall Concert
Label : Ponderosa Music & Art
9:10 PM
Artist : Al Gromer Khan
Album : Sufi
Label : New Earth
9:18 PM
Secret Squirrel (remixed by the Orb)
Artist : Yasuaki Shimizu
Album : Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty
Label : Deviant
9:25 PM
The Way Beyond
Artist : Michael Brant DeMaria
Album : Bindu
Label : Michael Brant DeMaria
9:34 PM
Touching the Void
Artist : Banco de Gaia
Album : The Magical Sounds of
Label : Six Degrees
9:46 PM
Fleur Du Desert
Artist : Arnica Montana
Album : Desert Grooves
Label : Water Music
9:51 PM
The Sky is Broken
Artist : Moby
Album : Play
Label : V2
9:56 PM
Resonance in Blue 3
Artist : Takashi Suzuki
Album : Resonance
Label : Takashi Suzuki
10:04 PM
The Path
Artist : Justin Vanderberg
Album : Synthetic Memories
Label : Spotted Peccary
10:12 PM
Travel by Moonlight
Artist : Steve Roach & Erik Wollo
Album : The Road Eternal
Label : Projekt
10:22 PM
The Legacy
Artist : John Serrie
Album : Spirit Keepers
Label : Miramar
10:30 PM
Beyond Dream
Artist : Jim Pietkivitch
Album : Inner Worlds
Label : Electrofone Music
10:40 PM
Through the Timeless
Artist : J. Arif Verner
Album : Through the Timeless
Label :
10:51 PM
Inner Peace
Artist : Hennie Bekker
Album : Spa
Label : Abbeywood

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