Monday, October 19, 2009

The Good Graces Gigs and Reviews

The Good Graces will be performing on Thursday night, October 21st, at Twains in Decatur, GA. Cousins opens up for us at 8:30pm.

Lots of reviews on the blogosphere. Here's the latest:
THE GOOD GRACES - Bring on the Tambourines! ( Offering up five tracks worth of nicely harmonic and humorous pop-rock songs in a snappy and straightforward fifteen minutes, this pleasingly jaunty EP CD certainly hits the tart and tuneful spot. Kim Ware’s warm, inviting voice and sharp, witty songwriting make for a potent double whammy. The wickedly funny and profane lyrics do the amusingly sardonic trick as well, with “Bad Driver” and “I Miss the 90s” rating as definite gut-busting highlights. The group’s firm grasp of catchy melodies qualifies as another major asset. But it’s this band’s winningly snarky sense of cynical humor which in turn makes this CD such a treat to listen to. - Joe Wawyrzniak,

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