Thursday, October 8, 2009

QRO Magazine Review of Sensitive Chaos' Nophest Performance

QRO Magazine writer Mic Mell reviewed last month's Nophest Music Festival and gave my Sensitive Chaos performance a nice mention. Read the whole review here.

My mention is here:
The music itself passed the spectrum from afternoon ambient electronica to full on blaring rock ‘n' roll at night. Each band that played had their own identity, their own image, and their own talent. There was not a dud in the bunch. Nophest is not musically genre based, and each passing hour continued to showcase electronic, rock, indie, and punk bands, all spanning the extensive and eclectic of Garcia, and the community at large. Friday night included the hard electronic and multimedia presentation of Larvae, and the experimental and lively Jungol. This Piano Plays Itself brought a lush, raw, and well arranged mix of rock and pop. Saturday was a very rock oriented, and the parking lot and stage area were jam packed for the full Renaissance regalia and steampunk sensibility of Extraordinary Contraption, and the blazing guitar and soulful vocals of Garcia's own indie band Nerd Parade. By Sunday, the crowds were sparse, partly due to the endless rain, as well as the unrelenting hangovers. Halfway through the day, Sensitive Chaos summed up the mood perfectly, with a low-key set of electronics that massaged the brain, and soothed the heart. While the music played on, the other major event of Sunday was a large gathering of folks in the parking lot playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon, complete with notes and a map for quick reference.

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