Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WVKR 91.2FM plays tracks from Sensitive Chaos "Seeker After Patterns" CD

WVKR 91.2FM Secret Music radio show has played two tracks from the new Sensitive Chaos Seeker After Patterns CD.

Secret Music Playlists, 7/3/2011 & 7/10/2011

Hi -

Sorry about the delay, still working out computer problems on my end. Hope
to have it all fixed for good soon. Here's my playlists for the past two
weeks. Lots of great new music, and some old vinyl too. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 7/3/2011

Artist Song Album

Steve Roach Off Planet Passage Live At Soundquest Fest

Black Swan The Quiet Divide The QUiet Divide
Quiet Evenings Track 3 Transcending Spheres
Takashi Suzuki Blue 2 Resonance

Steve Rose Those Who Remain THe Diminishing Day
Languis Spirit Los Angeles
Sensitive Chaos A Piece Of Stars Seeker After Patterns

Steve Roach & Erik Wollo Depart At Sunrise The Road Eternal
Steve Brand Avatara Avatara
A Produce & Loren Nerell Intangible Intangible

Redshift Chain Gun Colder
Schonwalder & Rothe Cup 4 Filter-Kaffee 101
Ozone Player & Matt Howarth Scaling The Sky Root Long Range Influence

Klaus Schulze Ways Of Changes Blackdance

Penguin Cafe That, Not That A Matter Of Life
Adam Hurst First Light From Silence
Azam Ali Dandini From Night To The Edge Of Day
Vicki Richards Glass Heart She Vanishes

Secret Music Playlist, 7/10/2011

Artist Song Album

Rafael Anton Irisarri Seattle Live

Sensitive Chaos Sensitive Chaos Seeker After Patterns
Quiet Evenings Track 6 Transcending Spheres
Black Swan White Mourning The Quiet Divide

Ozone Player & Matt Howarth The Great Anthem Long Range Influence
Redshift Sister Moon Colder

Steve Roach & Erik Wollo First Twilight The Road Eternal
Steve Brand Morning Glory Avatara
A Produce & Loren Nerell Area 51.1 Intangible

Penguin Cafe Orchestra Perpetuum Mobile Signs Of Life
Micheal O'Suillebhain The Plains Of Boyle The Dolphin's Way
Sylvan Grey Joy Like A River Ice Flowers Melting
Wim Mertens Circular Breathing Close Cover
Joachim Kuhn Housewife's Song Piano One

Penguin Cafe Pale Peach Jukebox A Matter Of Life
Adam Hurst Evensong From Silence
Azam Ali Noor From Night To The Edge Of Day
Vicki Richards Searching The Night She Vanishes
Stanton Lanier Across The Skies A Thousand Years

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