Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Contemplation of Amerisynthecana on WMSE 91.7FM's Instrumental Saturdays

WMSE Instrumental Saturdays with Mary 06/01/2013 06:00PM to 09:00PM
06:01PM Catherine Marie Charlton “II: Bluebirds of Happiness” from River Flow - Sanctuary (2013, added 04/06/2013) on River Dawn Productions, LLC New
06:08PM Amy Lauren “The Vineyard” from On Water (2013) on A.L. Productions
06:13PM Wall Matthews “Millbrook” from The Dreaming Light (2012) on Zengardensmusic/Zgm
06:26PM Joe Bongiorno “TRANCE” from Into the Wind - Solo Piano (2011, added 04/20/2013) on Piano Haven New
06:31PM Gandalf “Written In the Stars - Part 1” from Dreamweaver (2013, added 02/02/2013) on Real Music New
06:37PM Gandalf “Written In the Stars - Part 2” from Dreamweaver (2013, added 02/02/2013) on Real Music
06:45PM Jami Sieber “River of Sky” from TIMELESS (2013) on Out Front Music
06:49PM Bradley Joseph “Light Through the Trees” from Paint the Sky (2013, added 03/16/2013) on Robbins Island Music
06:53PM Wall Matthews & Rusty Clark “Alabama Sketches” from Air Over Water (Classical, 2010) on ZGM
07:10PM Jami Sieber “A World Behind the World” from TIMELESS (2013) on Out Front Music
07:16PM Ludovico Einaudi “Newton's Cradle” from In a Time Lapse (Classical, 2013) on Decca (UMO)
07:32PM ANIMA “The New Dream” from Light of Aluna (2010, added 06/01/2013) on Anima Sound Medicine New
07:37PM ANIMA “Ocean of Heart” from Light of Aluna (2010, added 06/01/2013) on Anima Sound Medicine New
07:43PM Craig Padilla “Sense Of Wonder” from The Heart Of The Soul (2012) on Spotted Peccary
07:51PM Al Conti “Silk and Jasmine” from The Blue Rose (2013) on Shadowside Music
07:56PM Colin Edwin & Jon Durant “Semazen” from Burnt Belief (2012, added 02/23/2013) on Alchemy Records (US)
08:09PM Ulrich Schnauss “A Ritual In Time and Death” from A Long Way to Fall (CD, Album, 2013, added 03/12/2013) on Domino(, UK)
08:17PM Marys Brother “Clear Across the City” from Depression Almanac (CD, Album, 2012, added 01/31/2013) on Self Release(USA) Local
08:22PM Boards of Canada “Dandelion” from Geogaddi (CD, Album, Techno, 2002) on Warp Records
08:23PM Marys Brother “Millions of Stars” from Flight to Mars on Independent Release Local
08:26PM Sensitive Chaos “Contemplation of One's Self in the World” from Amerisynthecana (2013) on Subsequent Records
08:33PM Boards of Canada “Open the Light” from Music Has the Right to Children (CD, Album, 1998) on Warp Records
08:37PM Ulrich Schnauss “A Forgotten Birthday” from A Long Way to Fall (CD, Album, 2013, added 03/12/2013) on Domino(, UK)
08:44PM Darshan Ambient “Clothed In Wakefulness” from Falling Light (2012, added 03/02/2013) on Lotus Spike
08:48PM David Karagianis “Between Earth and Heaven (Vs 2)” from Multiplex (2009) on Sound Dance

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