Sunday, June 16, 2013

WMSE Instrumental Saturdays Plays More Sensitive Chaos 'Amerisynthecana'

WMSE Instrumental Saturdays with Mary Bartlein 06/15/2013 06:00PM to 09:00PM
06:01PM Tim Neumark “Dad's Victory” from Opus Four: A Solo Piano Collection (2013) on Tim Neumark New
06:07PM Trine Opsahl “Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” from Somewhere in a Hidden Memory (2012, added 03/16/2013) on Heart to Heart Records New
06:14PM Masako “Moon and Stream” from Masako (2012) on Masako
06:19PM Catherine Marie Charlton “XI: River Flow” from River Flow - Sanctuary (2013, added 04/06/2013) on River Dawn Productions, LLC
06:27PM Christine Brown “Stronger” from The Wishing Well (2011) on Key Image Music
06:32PM Jeff Pearce “Where All Rivers End” from In the Season of Fading Light (2012, added 03/16/2013) on Jeff Pearce Music New
06:36PM Bradley Joseph “In Dreams Awake” from Paint the Sky (2013, added 03/16/2013) on Robbins Island Music
06:43PM Ludovico Einaudi “EXPERIENCE” from In a Time Lapse (Classical, 2013) on Decca (UMO)
06:49PM Ludovico Einaudi “Underwood” from In a Time Lapse (Classical, 2013) on Decca (UMO)
06:53PM Dan Kennedy “Story Within a Story” from Intuition (2012, added 05/04/2013) on Mt. Pollux Music New
06:56PM Damon Buxton “Botticelli Eyes” from Unbroken (2012) on Many Miles Music
07:10PM Takashi Suzuki “Following the Guiding Bells” from Voyage (2013, added 06/15/2013) on Jasnac New
07:19PM Cyberchump “Neon” from Flutter and Flow (CD, Album, Other, 2013, added 06/10/2013) on Internal Combustion Local
07:22PM Marys Brother “Bluff Walk” from Flight to Mars on Independent Release Local
07:28PM Ulrich Schnauss “Broken Homes” from A Long Way to Fall (CD, Album, 2013, added 03/12/2013) on Domino(, UK) New
07:35PM Sensitive Chaos “Amerisynthecana (Extended Version)” from Amerisynthecana (2013, added 06/15/2013) on Subsequent Records New
07:45PM Stephen Savage “Lux” from Future Memory (2012, added 04/06/2013) on Stephen Savage
07:51PM Marys Brother “Face the Music” from Flight to Mars on Independent Release Local
07:52PM Cyberchump “Sighs of Life” from Flutter and Flow (CD, Album, Other, 2013, added 06/10/2013) on Internal Combustion Local
08:15PM ANIMA “The New Dream” from Light of Aluna (2010, added 06/01/2013) on Anima Sound Medicine New
08:17PM Al Conti “Silk and Jasmine” from The Blue Rose (2013, added 06/15/2013) on Shadowside Music New
08:22PM Logical Drift “Indian Ocean” from The Colors of Asia (2012, added 02/02/2013) on CineVu
08:35PM Jami Sieber “A World Behind the World” from TIMELESS (2013) on Out Front Music
08:46PM Parijat “Prayer to Love” from Prayer to Love (2013) on New Earth Records
08:56PM Jami Sieber “River of Sky” from TIMELESS (2013) on Out Front Music

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