Sunday, August 4, 2013

WMSE 91.7FM Instrumental Saturdays Plays More Sensitive Chaos "Amerisynthecana"

August 3, 2013 at 10:11pm
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91.7 FM, WMSE Milwaukee
Instrumental Saturdays with Mary 08/03/2013 06:00PM to 09:00PM
06:01PM Masako “Spring Snow” from Masako (2012) on Masako New
06:09PM Cathy Oakes “Every Day With You” from Like A Song (2012, added 04/06/2013) on Sierra Keys Music New
06:13PM Tom Caufield “Nature and the Constant Illusion” from Nature and the Constant Illusion (Single, Classical, 2013, added 06/22/2013) on Bohemian Embassy New
06:17PM Bernward Koch “Journey To The Sea” from Day of Life on Real Music New
06:24PM Trine Opsahl & Josefine Opsahl “Under a Bright Moon” from Leaving My Silent Empty House (2012) on Heart to Heart Records
06:29PM Jami Sieber “A World Behind the World” from TIMELESS (2013) on Out Front Music
06:40PM Steven C. “True Compassion” from Past To Present on Steven C Music
06:42PM Fiona Joy Hawkins “EarthBound” from 600 Years in a Moment (CD, Album, World, 2013, added 07/20/2013) on Little Hartley Music
06:46PM Ludovico Einaudi “EXPERIENCE” from In a Time Lapse (Classical, 2013) on Decca (UMO)
06:52PM Ludovico Einaudi “Underwood” from In a Time Lapse (Classical, 2013) on Decca (UMO)
06:56PM Damon Buxton “Carpentry” from Unbroken (2012) on Many Miles Music
07:09PM JPP “Sutherland” from Artology (1999) on NorthSide
07:12PM JPP “Kaustinen Rhapsody” from Kaustinen Rhapsody (Single) on Green Linnet
07:16PM JPP “One for Sven” from HISTORY (1999) on NorthSide
07:19PM Aomusic “Sisi Ni Moja” from Hokulea (CD, World, 2013, added 04/06/2013) on Arcturian Gate
07:25PM David Vito Gregoli “All Sentient Beings” from Primordial Sonics (2012) on Dharmapala Records
07:33PM Scott August “Searching for the Ancients” from Hidden Journey (added 04/13/2013) on Cedar Mesa Music
07:39PM Deuter “Shaman Flight” from Dream Time (2012) on New Earth Records
07:48PM Coco Rosie “Broken Chariot” from Tales of a Grasswidow (2013, added 05/14/2013) on Cocorosie Music New
07:49PM ANIMA “Ocean of Heart” from Light of Aluna (2012, added 06/01/2013) on Anima Sound Medicine
08:04PM Meg Bowles “VENUS RISING” from The Shimmering Land (2013) on Kumatone Records
08:18PM AeTopus “Angels and Machines II” from Angels and Machines - EP (2013) on 12Ton Productions
08:25PM Sensitive Chaos “Amerisynthecana” from Amerisynthecana (2013, added 06/15/2013) on Subsequent Records
08:31PM Colin Edwin & Jon Durant “Balthasar's Key” from Burnt Belief (2012, added 02/23/2013) on Alchemy Records (US)
08:39PM Ulrich Schnauss “A Long Way To Fall” from A Long Way to Fall (CD, Album, 2013, added 03/12/2013) on Domino USA(, USA)
08:45PM Melorman “Walking On Water” from Waves (CD, Album, World, 2013, added 06/22/2013) on SunSeaSky
08:51PM Cyberchump “NEON” from Flutter And Flow (CD, Album, Rock, 2013, added 06/10/2013) on Internal Combustion Local
08:57PM Meg Bowles “Undulant Sea” from The Shimmering Land (2013) on Kumatone Records

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