Monday, August 19, 2013

WYSO Alpha Rhythms Plays Sensitive Chaos 'Leak'

WYSO Alpha Rhythms

Sunday, 8 - 11pm
Alpha Rhythms are patterns of smooth, electrical oscillations in the brain that reflect a transcendent and dynamic state of being. Sunday nights on WYSO, we bring you the music that will transport your mind, inhabit your body, and transform your soul.
The songs span the globe and universe. You'll hear danceable grooves from India and the Middle East and celestial soundscapes ideal for meditation or creative inspiration. It's a sonic journey that takes you to distant and exotic locations and reshapes your musical perspective.
In the first half of the show, we bring you beats from around the world perfect for dreaming or dancing. Whether we travel to another hemisphere with artists like Karsh Kale and Dj Cheb I Sabbah or stay close to home with Douglas Bluefeather, you can tap your feet or tap into something deeper.
In the second half, we create a unique blend of sounds to expand your aural palette. With artists such as Dead Can Dance and Ludovico Einaudi, we'll capture your imagination. Mixing in some pulsating electronic grooves from musicians like BT or The Orb, he will stir the fantasy of the future within your mind. Finally, we will bring you back down to earth and simultaneously free your soul to the universe with music from sound sculptors such as Steve Roach or Jonn Serrie.
Every journey is different for every person. Please join us Sunday evenings from 8-11 EST for a trip that gives you the escape you’ve been looking for, at a price that everyone can afford.


August 18, 2013
8:01 PM
Spare Parts Express
Artist : Orbital
Album : The Middle of Nowhere
Label : FFRR.
8:11 PM
Reptile’s Theme
Artist : Skrillex
Album : Mortal Kombat Soundtrack
Label : Big Beat
8:15 PM
Artist : Collide
Album : Two Headed Monster
Label : Noiseplus Music
8:21 PM
Cosmic Odissey (NuJazz Remix)
Artist : Spacestar
Album : Cafe Roma 2
Label : Water Music
8:27 PM
Lost In The Ether
Artist : Cybo
Album : Recorded in a Dream
Label : Cybo
8:31 PM
Artist : Northcore
Album : Desatero
Label : Brain Laughter, Inc.
8:36 PM
Silent Hill
Artist : Akira Yamaoka
Album : Silent Hill Soundtrack
Label : Ever Anime International
8:39 PM
Artist : Vanessa-Mae
Album : The Best of Vanessa-Mae
Label : EMI
8:43 PM
Fortitudo (Fortitude)
Artist : Lesicm
Album : Auracle
Label : Intentcity Records
8:47 PM
The Patronus Light
Artist : John Williams
Album : Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Soundtrack
Label : Warner Brothers
8:48 PM
Kehto Laula (Finland)
Artist : Ken Elkinson
Album : Around the Globe in a Lullaby Volume 1
Label : August Son Productions
8:52 PM
Nightshift at the Baby Mecha Mursery
Artist : Sensitive Chaos
Album : Leak
Label : Subsequent Records
8:57 PM
Zelda Medley
Artist : Lindsey Stirling
Album : Single
Label : LindseyStomp
9:02 PM
Rose of Jericho
Artist : BT
Album : These Hopeful Machines
Label :
9:09 PM
Eye In The Sky
Artist : Alan Parsons Project
Album : Best of
Label : Sony
9:14 PM
Creep 303
Artist : The Lawn Jockeys
Album : Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre
Label : Big Beef
9:18 PM
God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
Artist : Mody
Album : I Like To Score - Music From Films Vol. 1
Label : Elektra
9:24 PM
Conquest Of Paradise
Artist : Vangelis
Album : 1492 Soundtrack
Label : Rhino
9:29 PM
Zombie 98
Artist : Fabio Frizzi
Album : Cannibal Ferox/Zombie Soundtrack
Label : Blackest Heart Media
9:32 PM
Have Been Resolved
Artist : David Homan
Album : Water Rocks
Label : David Homan
9:36 PM
Introduction (Titles)
Artist : Danny Elfman
Album : Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack
Label : MCA
9:39 PM
Adam in Chains
Artist : Billy Idol
Album : Cyber Punk
Label : Chrysalis
9:45 PM
Global Village
Artist : Tor Dietrichson
Album : Tance World: The Inspiration
Label : Global Pacific Records
9:54 PM
Artist : Dave Wean
Album : Best of
Label : Dave Wean
9:59 PM
Wish Upon A Star
Artist : Douglas Blue Feather
Album : Dawn of a New Light
Label : Blue Feather Productions
10:05 PM
Artist : Clint Mansell
Album : The Fountain Soundtrack
Label : Warner Brothers
10:10 PM
Artist : Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
Album : Gladiator Soundtrack
Label : Universal
10:13 PM
Tidal Pool
Artist : Conjure One featuring Chemda
Album : Conjure ONe
Label : Six Degrees
10:20 PM
The Last of Us
Artist : Gustavo Santaolalla
Album : The Last of Us Soundtrack
Label : Sony
10:23 PM
Yi Dance
Artist : Xuefei Yang
Album : Si Ji (Four Seasons)
Label : GSP
10:29 PM
Samson and Delilah (Aria)
Artist : Klaus Nomi
Album : Klaus Nomi
Label : RCA
10:32 PM
Following The Guiding Light
Artist : Takashi Suzuki
Album : Voyage: Hiroshima Eternal
Label : Takashi Suzuki
10:39 PM
Same Place
Artist : Facil
Album : Ambient Systems
Label : Instinct Ambient
10:46 PM
Jijimuge Two
Artist : Mo Boma
Album : Assemblage Vol. 1
Label : Extreme Graphics
10:53 PM
Through The Hill
Artist : Harold Budd & Andy Partridge
Album : Trance Planet
Label : Triloka Records
10:57 PM
The Eidos
Artist : Tom Caufield
Album : Nature And The Constant Illusion
Label : The Bohemian Embassy

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