Saturday, April 11, 2009

WXDU 88.7FM New Frontiers Plays "Fifty Light Years From Home"

WXDU 88.7FM's New Frontiers radio show continues to feature tracks from the Sensitive Chaos Emerging Transparency CD, this week playing "Fifty Light Years From Home".

"New Frontier / Laugh Tracks" with Marty (archive)

Saturday, April 11, 2009 | 09:00 to 12:00 | New age / comedy

Artist Song Album Label
Donald Fagen New Frontier The Nightfly Warner Bros.

Dolom Zero Star Devourer The Wilting Dream self released
Sensitive Chaos Fifty Light Years From Home Emerging Transparency SubSequent
2002 1054 AD A Word in the Wind Geminisun
Thunderbeat Golden Sun Ancient Sun Thundervision Records
Phanatos Quest for the Shores of Aphrodite Odyssey of Rapture vol. 1 Mythical
Fiona Joy Hawkins Standing Up Blue Dream Little Hartley
Whitetree Light on Light Cloudland Ponderosa
Jessica Lurie Ensemble The Usual Things Shop of Wild Dreams self released

Keiko Takeda Stream All is Vanity Viagem
Michael Brant DeMaria Stillness The River Ontos
Phoenix Rising Insight Ascension self released
Mariah Parker Milo's Moment Sangria Ancient Future
Tingstad & Rumbel Zacatecas Leap of Faith Cheshire
Paul Jensen Cold Mountain The Other Side Juan Carlos Productions
Coyote Poets of the Universe Tender Callin' You Home self released
Ancient Future Ne Po Pogrebu Bachanachek Planet Passion Ancient Future
AOMusic On Jai Ya Twirl AO
Eden Saturnalia Return to Innocence Intentcity
Psicodreamics Imaginarium Fantasynth WOTR

Monty Python Money Programme Monty Python's Previous Record Charisma

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper Where the Hell's My Money? Frenzy Enigma
The Committee Credit Card Wonderful World of War Little David
Kenneth Williams Hand Up Your Sticks Decca's Best British Comedy Decca
Elsa Lanchester She Was Poor, But She Was Honest Songs for a Shuttered Parlor Hit Records

Lemming Malloy Don't Act Like Prey Avalauncher self released
Jon Shain Song for JoJo Army Jacket Winter Flyin' Records
John Prine New Train Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings Oh Boy
Rico Bell & the Snake Handlers Merseyside Dark Side of the Mersey Bloodshot
Stillhouse Bottom Band Fiddler a Dram Thanks a Lot Joe Pro
Frog Holler Drive Adams Hotel Road Record Cellar
Red Clay Ramblers Tarzan Yonder self released
Squirrel Nut Zippers La Grippe Sold Out Mammoth
Gourds Makes Me Roll Dem's Good Beeble Munch Records

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