Friday, June 3, 2011

Sensitive Chaos "A Piece of Stars" on Hypnagogue Podcast

Hypnagogue Podcast 55

You're mostly on your own this time. I don't show up until the end, just to to tell you what you've heard. But don't worry--the ride's smooth and easy for the most part, with just the right degree of sequencer turbulence to make things fun. A lot of new music in these 90 minutes, with fresh offerings from The Post Riot Era, Sensitive Chaos, Michael Sandler, Arcticology and more. (That's what playlists are for.) Get quiet, get ready . . . go.

Episode 55, "The Mantra of Departure"

The Post Riot Era, "Your Plan, My Work, Your Payoff," On Zero Sum Living
7.58 Johan Agebjorn, "Zero Gravitation," The Mountain Lake
17.42 Michael Sandler, "Soft Comprehension," Ansatz
29.07 Arcticology, "Awakening," Athena
33.06 Sensitive Chaos, "A Piece of Stars," Seeker After Patterns
38.43 Steve Roach & Erik Wollo, "Travel by Moonlight," The Road Eternal
48.27, "Stratocumulus," AtmoSphere
53.52 Altus, "Light Traveler," The Grand Expanse
1.05.59 Matt Borghi, "Leaving the Gates of the Inner Harbor," Huronic Minor
1.10.37 James Johnson, "Entering Twilight" (excerpt), Entering Twilight

Underlay: James Murray, "Foureightsix," The Miracle of Transport

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