Monday, June 27, 2011

Stomp and Stammer reviews Sensitive Chaos 'Seeker After Patterns'

Jeff Clark of Stomp and Stammer Magazine posted a nice review of my new Sensitive Chaos Seeker After Patterns album.
A more atmospheric vein of electronic music is created by Sensitive Chaos, the brand name under which Atlanta composer Jim Combs and select fellow tech-heads operate. Combs' latest CD, Seeker After Patterns, takes the listener on a journey through the caress of bliss, with eight longish instrumental pieces (and two additional edits of the title track) that range in design from the coldly intricate to the warmly spacious. Several of the tracks were recorded during live performances at Kavarna and Aurora Coffee, and one recording – a track actually called "Sensitive Chaos," after which, one assumes, this group is named – dates from the mid-80s.

Read the review and other Georgia music news here:

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