Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WPNE 89.3FM/WHND 89.7FM At The Edge plays 5 cuts from Seeker After Patterns

WPNE 89.3FM/WHND 89.7FM At The Edge
show in Green Bay/Sister Bay, WI played "Seeker After Patterns," "Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire," "A Piece of Stars," "L'Ascension," and "Sensitive Chaos" on June 27, 2011.

At The Edge Playlist from Monday, June 27, 2011 - 10 PM Hour
GatiMarc AndersonRubyInnova
French BourreesMarc AndersonRubyInnova
I Was So Seldom AloneMarc AndersonRubyInnova
MovieMarc AndersonRubyInnova
The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet BornMarc AndersonRubyInnova
Resonant RelationsCrash Ensemble/Arnold DreyblattResonant RelationsCantaloupe

At The Edge Playlist from Monday, June 27, 2011 - 11 PM Hour
Seeker After PatternsSensitive ChaosSeeker After PatternsSubsequent
Warm Glow Of The Atom FireSensitive ChaosSeeker After PatternsSubsequent
A Piece of StarsSensitive ChaosSeeker After PatternsSubsequent
L'AscensionSensitive ChaosSeeker After PatternsSubsequent
Sensitive ChaosSensitive ChaosSeek After PatternsSubsequent
PathwayRudy AdrianDesert RealmsLotuspike
Desert RealmsRudy AdrianDesert RealmsLotuspike
Circling HawkRudy AdrianDesert RealmsLotuspike
Fading LightRudy AdrianDesert RealmsLotuspike
Subterranean RiverRudy AdrianDesert RealmsLotuspike

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