Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blessings and Carpe Diem

Many folks have asked how the Good Graces got invited to open for the Indigo Girls. In a nutshell, it truly is a story of the right musician writing and recording the right song at the right moment and getting it heard by the right person.

Kim recorded part of Close to the Sun at Rob Dyson's studio in Atlanta. Rob also works with the Indigo Girls and one day he played a song of Kim's for Emily. She liked it, and seemingly, that was the end of the story. A year later, Kim receives an email out of the blue inviting the Good Graces to open for the Indigo Girls on five dates in June 2015.

Play the lotto for better chances, this is truly a once-in-a-career moment. You can't explain it. It's a Zen Koan.

As Kim stated in one of her "every thought" emails to the band:
"I am not even looking at this as some sort of "stepping stone" to some bigger experience or "great exposure" or whatever. This is the sort of thing that bands work for years to try and get. This IS the experience. I can't call this a "dream come true," because my dreams are something like "play at Eddie's Attic." I would never dream of something this ridiculous."
And why do I get to participate in this incredibly humbling and mind blowing event? As best as I can tell, I am the most ready, willing, and able keyboardist in the Good Graces stable for this assignment. Others, that would have likely been on the bus first, had circumstances that kept them from committing. Blessings and carpe diem. And much more Zen.

Or in the words of Yoda, Do or do not, there is no try.

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