Friday, June 12, 2015

Tour Dates, TV & Radio Appearances, In-store Performances

I'll keep the list of dates updated here.

Sunday, June 14 – tGG, Nashville, TN, East Room (with Granville Automatic & Wyatt Espalin) 9pm

Tuesday, June 16 – tGG,, Rock Island, IL (private day session,

Tuesday, June 16 – tGG, Second Unitarian Church, Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park area) 7:30pm

Wednesday, June 17 – tGG, Grand Rapids, MI - NBC WOOD-TV Morning show performance and interview, live stream at 11AM local time -

Wednesday, June 17 – tGG, Grand Rapids, MI - WYCE 88.1FM, on-air interview & performance 11:00am

Wednesday, June 17 – tGG opening for Indigo Girls, Grand Rapids, MI, Meijer Gardens Amphitheater 7pm

Thursday, Jun 18 – tGG, Kalamazoo, MI - Green Light Music In-store 3:30pm

Thursday, June 18 – tGG, Kalamazoo, MI, Old Dog Tavern (with Valentiger) 9pm

Friday, June 19 – tGG, opening for Indigo Girls, Ann Arbor, MI, Summer Festival (University of Michigan Power Center) 8pm

Saturday, Jun 20 – tGG, Cleveland, OH - Blue Arrow Records In-store 4pm

Saturday, June 20 – tGG, Cleveland, OH, The Bevy in Birdtown (with Tanya Kos) 7pm

Sunday, June 21 – tGG, Indianapolis, IN, Melody Inn (with Old Grand Dad, Scotch Hollow, Those Lazy Cabineers) show at 9pm, we’ll go on at 12m

Monday, June 22 – tGG, Knoxville, TN, Preservation Pub 10pm

Tuesday, June 23 – tGG opening for Indigo Girls, Asheville, TN, Orange Peel 8pm

Wednesday, June 24 – tGG opening for Indigo Girls, Chattanooga, TN, Track 29 8pm (our closest show to Atlanta with Indigo Girls)

Thursday, June 25 – tGG opening for Indigo Girls + Kristy Lee , Mobile, AL, Saenger Theater 8pm

Sunday, June 28 – tGG, Kennesaw, GA - KSU's OWL Radio, on-air performance and interview

Sunday, June 28 – tGG, Atlanta, GA, Red Light Café (early show, celebrating the end of the tour, with Garner Sloan, Love Me Till My Heart Stops) Doors 6pm, show starts 7pm

If you have friends in any of the towns above, feel free to invite them out to the shows, and tell them to say hi. Info can be found: (all links to the Facebook events) (links to music, etc)

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