Sunday, May 26, 2013

CKUW 95.9FM Shades of Classics plays two songs from Sensitive Chaos 'Amerisynthecana'

CKUW 95.9FM Shades of Classics show in Winnepeg, Manitoba played "Contemplation of One's Place in the World" and "August Rains, Were Those Tears?" on May 26, 2013.

Program Playlist for May 26, 2012
(In Play Order)

Cinderella: Frozen in Time: Buttons  (Opening theme)Sinfonia of London / DunnMichael Conway Baker- Cinderella: Frozen in TimeTreeTop Lane
Contemplation of One's Place in the WorldSensitive ChaosAmerisynthecanaIndependent
August Rains, Were Those Tears?Sensitive ChaosAmerisynthecanaIndependent
Silk and JasmineAl ContiThe Blue RoseShadowside Music
Heart in BloomAl ContiThe Blue RoseShadowside Music
Haydn - Symphony in D major "Le Matin"English Concert / PinnockHaydn - Symphonies 6, 7, 8Archiv
The ReelSecret Garden (with Mairead Nesbitt)EarthsongsUniversal
Baker - Aurora String Quartet (Live)Borealis String QuartetN/AN/A
Baker - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra: 1st movement (Live)Jerome Summers / Sinfonia of North VancouverN/AN/A
Baker - A Theme for AntonioMichael Conway BakerN/AN/A
Time LapseLudovico EinaudiIn a Time LapseIndependent
OrbitsLudovico EinaudiIn a Time LapseIndependent
Beethoven - String Quartet Op 18, No 6: Adagio ma non troppo (2nd movement)Quartetto di CremonaBeethoven - Complete String Quartets Vol. 1Audite
Mussorgsky - A TearWinnipeg Mandolin QuintetLighthearted, Fanciful and Slightly SeriousIndependent
GuantanameraWinnipeg Mandolin QuintetLighthearted, Fanciful and Slightly SeriousIndependent

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