Thursday, May 23, 2013

WMSE Instrumental Saturdays with Mary Bartlein plays Sensitive Chaos 'Amerisynthecana'

Instrumental Saturdays Playlist May 18, 2013

by Instrumental Saturdays (Notes) on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 10:32pm
Instrumental Saturdays with Mary 05/18/2013 06:00PM to 09:00PM
06:04PM Trine Opsahl “A Star in Heaven Is Born Tonight” from Somewhere in a Hidden Memory (2012, added 03/16/2013) on Heart to Heart Records New
06:14PM Trine Opsahl & Josefine Opsahl “The Nameless” from Leaving My Silent Empty House (2012) on Heart to Heart Records
06:17PM Lynn Yew Evers “Dawn of Peace” from Dawn of Peace (2012) on Lynn Yew Evers
06:24PM Heidi Breyer “Eight Steps Free” from Beyond the Turning (2012) on Winterhall Records
06:29PM Catherine Marie Charlton “II: Bluebirds of Happiness” from River Flow - Sanctuary (2013, added 04/06/2013) on River Dawn Productions, LLC
06:34PM Todd Boston “Touched By the Sun” from Touched By the Sun (2012) on Gita Records
06:41PM Jeff Pearce “Winter Waltz” from In the Season of Fading Light (2012, added 03/16/2013) on Jeff Pearce Music
06:46PM Will Ackerman “The Wheel” from The Gathering on West River Records
06:49PM 2002 “A Dream Creation” from BELIEVE (2012) on Galactic Playground Music
06:53PM Kevin Keller “Ascending” from The Day I Met Myself (2012) on Kevin Keller Productions
07:09PM David Helpling & Jon Jenkins “Grand Collision” from Treasure (2007) on Spotted Peccary Music
07:14PM David Helpling & Jon Jenkins “Two Paths” from The Crossing (Rock, 2010) on Spotted Peccary
07:23PM Carl Weingarten “Tapper” from Panomorphia (2012) on Multiphase Records
07:27PM Matthew Schoening “FIRE” from ELEMENTS (2010) on Matthew Schoening
07:37PM Sajjad “No Walls Between Us” from Where I Belong (2011) on Independent
07:42PM Michael Brant DeMaria “Bindu” from Bindu (2012) on Ontos Music
07:50PM Michael Brant DeMaria “The Way Beyond” from Bindu (2012) on Ontos Music
08:06PM AeTopus “THE GATE” from Between Empires (2012) on 12Ton Productions
08:14PM Sensitive Chaos “Contemplation of One's Self in the World” from Amerisynthecana (2013) on Subsequent Records New
08:21PM Sensitive Chaos “Bazaar Behavior” from Emerging Transparency (2009) on Subsequent Records
08:32PM Tim White and Joe Paulino “Morning Chai” from Inhale Slowly (2012) on WhiteGates Music
08:48PM Aomusic “Irie Grá Medley” from Hokulea (2013, added 04/06/2013) on Arcturian Gate
08:56PM Aomusic “Kuimba” from Hokulea (2013, added 04/06/2013) on Arcturian Gate

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