Thursday, May 23, 2013

WYSO Alpha Rhythms plays Sensitive Chaos 'Amerisynthecana'

Alpha Ryhthms

Sunday, 8 - 11pm
Alpha Rhythms are patterns of smooth, electrical oscillations in the brain that reflect a transcendent and dynamic state of being. Sunday nights on WYSO, we bring you the music that will transport your mind, inhabit your body, and transform your soul.
The songs span the globe and universe. You'll hear danceable grooves from India and the Middle East and celestial soundscapes ideal for meditation or creative inspiration. It's a sonic journey that takes you to distant and exotic locations and reshapes your musical perspective.
In the first half of the show, we bring you beats from around the world perfect for dreaming or dancing. Whether we travel to another hemisphere with artists like Karsh Kale and Dj Cheb I Sabbah or stay close to home with Douglas Bluefeather, you can tap your feet or tap into something deeper.
In the second half, we create a unique blend of sounds to expand your aural palette. With artists such as Dead Can Dance and Ludovico Einaudi, we'll capture your imagination. Mixing in some pulsating electronic grooves from musicians like BT or The Orb, he will stir the fantasy of the future within your mind. Finally, we will bring you back down to earth and simultaneously free your soul to the universe with music from sound sculptors such as Steve Roach or Jonn Serrie.
Every journey is different for every person. Please join us Sunday evenings from 8-11 EST for a trip that gives you the escape you’ve been looking for, at a price that everyone can afford.


May 12, 2013
8:01 PM
Good Intent
Artist : Patrick Neeley
Album : The Best of Patrick Neeley
Label : Patrick Neeley
8:04 PM
It’s a Jungle
Artist : Graeme Norgate & Robin Beanland
Album : Killer Cuts
Label : Nintendo/Rare
8:07 PM
Rock N’ Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)
Artist : Skrillex
Album : Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Label : Big Beat
8:12 PM
Artist : Lindsey Stirling
Album : Lindsey Stirling
Label : LindseyStomp
8:16 PM
Time Warp (Music 1 - Background Track)
Artist : Richard O’Brien
Album : The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
Label : ODE Records Inc
8:20 PM
Creep 303
Artist : The Lawn Jockeys
Album : Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre
Label : Big Beef
8:25 PM
To Sleep, To Dream
Artist : Sensitive Chaos
Album : Amerisynthecana
Label : Subsequent Records
8:30 PM
Artist : AeTopus
Album : Angels and Machines
Label : 12Ton Productions
8:35 PM
Aniens Comma 21
Artist : Maurizio Guarini
Album : Creatures From a Drawer
Label : Backtothefudda
8:40 PM
Blue Sapphire
Artist : Al Conti
Album : The Blue Rose
Label : Shadowside Music
8:44 PM
God’s Lonely Man
Artist : Petra Haden
Album : Petra Goes to the Movies
Label : ANTI-
8:46 PM
Joyful Inspiration
Artist : Lia Scallon
Album : The Luminous Pearl
Label : Sounds of Sirius/Lia Scallon
8:50 PM
In the Springtime of His Voodoo (Sugar Dub Remix)
Artist : Tori Amos
Album : In the Springtime of HIs Voodoo
Label : Atlantic
8:59 PM
How Does It Make You Feel
Artist : Air
Album : 10,000 Hz Legend
Label : Astralwerks
9:03 PM
The Water & The Sun
Artist : Zeb
Album : The End of Beginnings
Label : Moonbeat Recordings
9:10 PM
Ain’t Talking ’Bout Dub
Artist : Apollo Four Forty
Album : Electroglide in Blue
Label : Sony Music Entertainment
9:15 PM
Zombie 98
Artist : Fabio Frizzi
Album : Zombie
Label : Blackest Heart Media
9:19 PM
Martian Gothic: Unification Theme
Artist : Jeremy Taylor
Album : Martian Gothic Soundtrack
Label : TalonSoft
9:21 PM
Zombie Theme
Artist : Horrorsoft
Album : Waxworks PC Game Soundtrack
Label : Accolade
9:30 PM
Great and Powerful OZ Main Titles
Artist : Danny Elfman
Album : Great and Powerful OZ Soundtrack
Label : Walt Disney Records
9:32 PM
Main Title Theme (Ghostbusters)
Artist : Elmer Bernstein
Album : Ghostbusters Soundtrack
Label : Arista
9:35 PM
Demonic Toys
Artist : Richard Band
Album : Demonic Toys Soundtrack
Label : Full Moon Entertainment
9:38 PM
Death of Optimus Prime
Artist : Vince DiCola
Album : Transformers The Move Soundtrack
Label : Volcano Entertainment
9:41 PM
Artist : Steve Jablonsky
Album : Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack
Label : New Line Productions
9:43 PM
Rambo Theme
Artist : Brian Tyler
Album : Rambo
Label : Lions Gate Films, Inc
9:47 PM
Artist : Hans Zimmer
Album : The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack
Label : WaterTower Music
9:54 PM
Alone in the Past
Artist : Douglas Bluefeather
Album : Spirit of the Flute
Label : Blue Feather Productions
9:58 PM
Ancient Secrets
Artist : Karunesh
Album : Global Spirit
Label : Oreade Music
10:03 PM
Finding Beauty
Artist : Escala
Album : Escala
Label : Simco
10:07 PM
Ethereal Rain
Artist : Diane Arkentstone
Album : Jewel in the Sun
Label : Neo Pacifica Recordings
10:12 PM
Laurent Y Kinga
Artist : Jose Ignacio Cuenca & Tonky De La Pena
Album : Licanthropo
Label : Videokine
10:15 PM
Artist : Yanni
Album : Optimystique
Label : Private Music
10:18 PM
I’ll Wait for You
Artist : Bradley Joseph
Album : Paint the Sky
Label : Bradley Jospeh
10:22 PM
Turkish March
Artist : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Album : Masters of Classical Music Vol 1
Label : Laserlight
10:25 PM
Setting the Scene
Artist : Rusty Crooks
Album : Music from Nite Owl Theatre Vol. 3
Label : Rusty Crooks, Fritz Peerenboom & Mike McGraner
10:29 PM
Dawn of the Dead (theme)
Artist : Goblin
Album : The Dead Trilogy
Label : Roger's Basement
10:35 PM
Waiting for Rain
Artist : Scott August
Album : Hidden Journey
Label : Cedar Mesa Music
10:43 PM
Edge of the Universe
Artist : Moshe Levi
Album : Mystic World
Label : Moshe Levi Music
10:49 PM
Moon and Stream
Artist : Masako
Album : Masako
Label : Masako
10:54 PM
Artist : Erik Berglund & Christoph Hausmann
Album : Project Earth
Label : Elarian Unlimited

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