Thursday, May 23, 2013

WYSO Alpha Rhythms plays Sensitive Chaos "Android Cat Sleeps in the Sun"

Alpha Ryhthms

Sunday, 8 - 11pm
Alpha Rhythms are patterns of smooth, electrical oscillations in the brain that reflect a transcendent and dynamic state of being. Sunday nights on WYSO, we bring you the music that will transport your mind, inhabit your body, and transform your soul.
The songs span the globe and universe. You'll hear danceable grooves from India and the Middle East and celestial soundscapes ideal for meditation or creative inspiration. It's a sonic journey that takes you to distant and exotic locations and reshapes your musical perspective.
In the first half of the show, we bring you beats from around the world perfect for dreaming or dancing. Whether we travel to another hemisphere with artists like Karsh Kale and Dj Cheb I Sabbah or stay close to home with Douglas Bluefeather, you can tap your feet or tap into something deeper.
In the second half, we create a unique blend of sounds to expand your aural palette. With artists such as Dead Can Dance and Ludovico Einaudi, we'll capture your imagination. Mixing in some pulsating electronic grooves from musicians like BT or The Orb, he will stir the fantasy of the future within your mind. Finally, we will bring you back down to earth and simultaneously free your soul to the universe with music from sound sculptors such as Steve Roach or Jonn Serrie.
Every journey is different for every person. Please join us Sunday evenings from 8-11 EST for a trip that gives you the escape you’ve been looking for, at a price that everyone can afford.


May 19, 2013
8:01 PM
Around the World
Artist : Daft Punk
Album : Homework
Label : Virgin
8:08 PM
Artist : Lindsey Stirling
Album : Lindsey Stirling
Label : LindseyStomp
8:11 PM
So There I Was
Artist : Deadmau5
Album : Random Album Title
Label : Mau5trap
8:18 PM
Make Jah Music
Artist : Monkey Mafia
Album : Shoot the Boss
Label : Arista
8:25 PM
Pearl’s Girl
Artist : Underworld
Album : Pearl's Girl
Label : Wax Trax!
8:30 PM
Artist : Dave Wean
Album : The Best of Dave Wean
Label : Dave Wean
8:32 PM
Lost Woods
Artist : Shigeru Miyamoto & Koji Kondo
Album : The Legends of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack
Label : Nintendo
8:33 PM
Devil’s Trill
Artist : Vanessa-Mae
Album : The Best of Vanessa-Mae
Label : EMI
8:37 PM
Artist : Alan Parsons Project
Album : Eye in the Sky
Label : EMI
8:40 PM
Android Cat Sleeps in the Sun
Artist : Sensitive Chaos
Album : Amerisynthecana
Label : Subsequent Records
8:42 PM
Artist : Terra Guitarra
Album : Dragonfly
Label : EarthSign Records
8:47 PM
Artist : Piano Guys
Album : Piano Guys
Label : Sony
8:51 PM
The Lords Theme
Artist : John 5 & Griffin Boice
Album : Lords of Salem Soundtrack
Label : Universal
8:51 PM
Metropolis Finale
Artist : James Webster
Album : Metropolis
Label : James Webster, Fritz Peerenboom & Mike McGaner
8:55 PM
Rain Song
Artist : Wayra
Album : Songs of Peace and Love
Label : Jaime Rodriguez
8:59 PM
Zombie Theme
Artist : Horrorsoft
Album : Waxworks PC Game Soundtrack
Label : Accolade
9:02 PM
Artist : Sarah Brightman
Album : Dreamchaser
Label : ADA
9:10 PM
Adam in Chains
Artist : Billy Idol
Album : Cyberpunk
Label : Chrysalis
9:17 PM
Artist : Klaus Nomi
Album : Klaus Nomi
Label : RCA
9:21 PM
Salve, Regina, mater misericordiae
Artist : Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo
Album : Chant II
Label : Angel
9:24 PM
Carry Me
Artist : Lis Addison
Album : Crown in the Sky
Label : Lis Addison
9:29 PM
The Throne Room/End Title
Artist : John Williams
Album : Star Wars Soundtrack
Label : Sony Classical
9:34 PM
Masters Of The Universe Main Title
Artist : Bill Conti
Album : Masters of The Universe Soundtrack
Label : MGM
9:39 PM
Superman Theme
Artist : John Williams
Album : Superman Soundtrack
Label : Warner Brothers
9:44 PM
House of Frankenstein Main Title
Artist : Hans J. Salter
Album : House of Frankenstein Soundtrack
Label : HNH
9:46 PM
Planet of the Apes Main Title
Artist : Jerry Goldsmith
Album : Planet of The Apes Soundtrack
Label : Project 3 Records
9:48 PM
H3 - Season of the Witch
Artist : Alan Howarth
Album : Halloween III Soundtrack
Label : Ioda
9:51 PM
Subspecies Main Title
Artist : Aman Folk Orchestra
Album : Subspecies Soundtrack
Label : Full Moon Entertainment
9:53 PM
Artist : John Harrison
Album : Day of the Dead Soundtrack
Label : Taurus Entertainment
9:57 PM
Theme From A Clockwork Orange
Artist : Walter Carlos
Album : A Clockwork Orange soundtrack
Label : Warner Brothers
9:59 PM
Werewolf of Ohio 2
Artist : Patrick Neeley
Album : The Best of
Label : Patrick Neeley
10:03 PM
Flowering Tree
Artist : Douglas Blue Feather
Album : Seventh Fire
Label : Blue Feather Productions
10:07 PM
NIght on the Terrace
Artist : Puzzle of Light
Album : Sound Sculpture Music for Falling Water
Label : Puzzle of Light
10:15 PM
Reflecting in Glass
Artist : AeTopus
Album : Angels and Machines
Label : 12Ton Productions
10:20 PM
Artist : Cybo
Album : Recorded in a Dream
Label : Cybo
10:24 PM
My Beautiful Moon
Artist : Carl Weingarten
Album : Redwood Melodies
Label : Multiphase
10:27 PM
Falling, Still
Artist : Anne Sweeten
Album : Grey Sky and Bittersweet
Label : Orange Band
10:32 PM
WHV Soundtrack 6
Artist : Chan Walrus
Album : Warlock Home Video Soundtrack
Label : Warlock Home Video
10:35 PM
Whispered From Within
Artist : Catherine Marie Charlton
Album : River Flow Sanctuary
Label : Catherine Marie Charlton
10:38 PM
Laurent Y Kinga
Artist : Jose Ignacio Cuenca & Tonky De La Pena
Album : Licanthropo
Label : Videokine
10:41 PM
Free From Fear
Artist : Masami Ueda & Saori Maeda
Album : Resident Evil 3: Nemesis soundtrack
Label : Capcom
10:44 PM
Level 1
Artist : PSX
Album : Alien Trilogy Soundtrack
Label : Acclaim
10:46 PM
Synthetic Memories
Artist : Justin Vanderberg
Album : Synthetic Memories

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