Monday, December 19, 2011

HFM Radio 102.3FM Night Hawke plays "Remembering Chestnuts, Icy Cold, and Bells"

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'Hawke Chill Out Sessions' & 'Night Hawke'

GMT: 10pm Saturday to 8am Sunday
CET: 11pm Saturday to 9am Sunday
EST: 5pm Saturday to 3am Sunday
CST: 4pm Saturday to 2am Sunday
PST: 2pm Saturday to Midnight Saturday

'Hawke Chill Out Sessions'

'TERRA NINE' @ 11.15pm GMT
'GEIGERTEK' @ 00.15am GMT

Session 1: 'Rock & Ambience Vol 18'
1. Yes: Yours Is No Disgrace: 2xCD The Ultimate Yes
2. Steven Wilson: Significant Other: CD Insurgentes
3. Thom Brennan: The Moss Cathedral: CD Strange Paradise
4. Falling You - Feat Sara Ayres: The Canoe & The Waterfall: CD Ambient Collaborations
5. Wishbone Ash: Throw Down The Sword: CD Classic Ash
6. Deep Purple: Ted The Mechanic: CD 30 The Very Best Of
7. Entheogenic: Pagan Dream Machine: CD Dialogue Of The Speakers
8. Diatonis: Waiting For Eternity: CD Edge Of The Dreamworld
9. Bubbledubble: Forgotten Race: CD Twilight Phenomena

Session 2: 'Rock & Ambience Vol 16'
1. Astralasia: She Does: CD White Bird
2. Mystical Sun: Nebulous Mist
3. TERRA NINE: "Breathe": NEW CD Breath
4. TERRA NINE: "Transmutation: CD see 3.
5. TERRA NINE: "Star": CD see 3.
6. TERRA NINE: "Alliance Of Love": CD see 3.
7. Goldfrapp: Rocket: CD Head First
8. Monster Magnet: CD Monolithic Baby
9. Led Zepplin: Since I've Been Loving You

Session 3: 'Rock & Ambience Vol 16'
1. Airsculpture: Aerostatic: CD Thunderhead
2. GEIGERTEK: "Underpass": NEW CD Soundtrack For City Living
3. GEIGERTEK: "Beyond The Garden": CD see 2.
4. GEIGERTEK: "Devil May Care": CD see 2.
5. GEIGERTEK: "A Rainfall Moment": CD see 2.
6. GEIGERTEK: "West 9: CD see 2.
7. Paranoia: Ocean: Comp CD Natural Born Techno
8. Steve Roach: Quiet Friend: CD Structures In Silence
9. Ashra: Sunrain: CD Ashra Vol 2 (Live In Japan)

Session 4: 'Rock & Ambience Vol 15'
1. Dancing Fantasy: Weather Report: CD California Grooves
2. Dancing Fantasy: Good Morning America: CD see 1.
3. Dancing Fantasy: Riders On The Storm": CD see 1.
4. Solar Fields: Sol: CD Movements
5. Joe Walsh: Theme From Boat Weirdo's: CD But Seriously Folks
6. The Tubes: The Tubes World Tour: 2xCD Going Down
7. The Tubes: Prime Time: 2xCD see 6.
8. Kit Watkins: Solar Gain: CD Sound Design Vol 1
9. Software: Present Voice: Comp CD Obsessions
10. Rainbow Serpent: CD Live @ Liphook 2007
11. Tangerine Dream: Cherokee Lane: CD Encore

Session 5: 'Rock & Ambience Vol 20'
1. Pink Floyd: One Of These Days: CD Meddle
2. Rockets: In The Galaxy: CD Galaxy
3. Scuba: Ocarina: CD Underwater Symphonies
4. Syndromeda: No, Not Scared Of You: CD The Twilight Conjunction
5. Steve Roach: Spirit Moves: CD Streams & Currents
6. Ozric Tentacles: Yum-Yum Tree: CD same name
7. The Other Window: Nebula: CD The Other Window

'Night Hawke'

GMT: 3am to 8am Sunday
CET: 4am to 9am Sunday
EST: 10pm Saturday to 3am Sunday
CST: 9pm Saturday to 2am Sunday
PST: 7pm Saturday to Midnight Saturday

Session 1: 'Elysian Vibes Vol 2'
Laid-Back & Very Dark Chocolate!!

Session 2: ' 'Hawke's Ibiza Sunset Vol 1'
Smooth and Chilled

Session 3: 'Hawke's Sensual Themes Vol 12'
Up-Tempo and Sensual

Session 4: 'Hawke's Festive Celebration Hour'
A musical-collage of both the Festive & the Relative
1. Katherine Jenkins: Hallelujah: CD The Ultimate Collection
2. Sensitive Chaos: Remembering Chestnuts, Icy Cold & Bells: CD (same name)
3. Bill Leslie: Winter Rose: CD Midnight Clear
4. Fiona Joy Hawkins: Flight Of The Snowbird: CD Christmas Joy
5. Brad Mersereau Feat Marilyn Keller: Christmas Carol
6. Enya: Paint The Sky With Stars: CD The Best Of Enya
7. David Nevue: A Vision In White: CD A Delicate Joy
8. Kathryn Kaye feat William Ackerman: Earth: CD Heavy As A Feather
9. Greg Lake: I Believe In Father Christmas
10. Sensitive Chaos: Winter Winds Across The Heartland: CD see 2.
11. Fiona Joy Hawkins: Christmas Joy: CD see 4.
12. Louis Colaiannia: Sentimental Christmas: CD Keys Of Christmas
13. Kate Reid: Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True: CD Sentimental Mood
14. David Wright: Beyond Paradise: Comp CD Returning Tides

Session 5: 'Glenn Miller, Blues & A Bit More'
Feat: Glenn Miller, Jay Gruska, Buddy Whittington, Jeff Beck, Michele Ippoloito, Kitaro & Jon Anderson and Taylor Swift!!

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