Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KCBX 90FM Last Jazz Show plays Sensitive Chaos "Seeker After Patterns"

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Last Jazz Show with Sal Espana      [email host]

Nobody's really sure, but we think Jon Iverson started hosting The Last Jazz Show on Tuesday nights at KCBX sometime around 1980. A refugee from free-form FM rock radio, he quickly dove into the KCBX jazz library and systematically worked through the decades only to end up hovering around today's music fringes.

Sal España began co-hosting with Jon around 2004, eventually going solo in 2009. Like most of our audience, Sal ponders the name of the program, as little actual "Jazz" is played. Neal claims it's Jon's sense of humor. Neal's usually right.

Since we follow "Pickin' Up The Tempo," we usually start with something acoustic - often a guitar, sometimes edging towards Rock. But, this being a public radio station, we veer off into the night spinning the latest ambient, electronic, classical, world music hybrids.

Playlist for: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 
Special Notes for 12/06/11:Tonight, we spotlight recent ambient and electronic releases, plus a couple of old favorites, before wrapping things up with some Jazz.
Time Artist Title Album Label 
10:01 PMKlaus SchulzeWay of ChangesBlackdanceBlue Plate
10:18 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
10:19 PMRobert RichCrepesculeMedicine BoxSoundscape Productions
10:26 PMCyberchumpDreadTheir Moment of Perfect HappinessInternal Combustion
10:36 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
10:37 PMPaul EllisWatch the Stars Come One By OneFrom Out of the Vast Comes NearnessLotuspike
10:58 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
10:59 PMJustin VanderbergFrom Below Where I Walk/Synthetic MemoriesSynthetic MemoriesSpotted Peccary
11:25 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
11:26 PMTakashi SuzukiResonance in Blue 4ResonanceCalm Radio
11:33 PMLarry KucharzDo It 42Unit 1A42International Audiochrome
11:39 PMLaraajiUniverseThe Essence/UniverseAudion Recording
11:58 PM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
11:59 PMSensitive ChaosSeeker After PatternsSeeker After PatternsSubsequent Records
12:10 AMDarshan AmbientSahara SunDream in BlueLotuspike
12:26 AM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
12:27 AMMiles EspanolJust Three MilesNew Sketches From SpainE One
12:36 AMWadada Leo Smith's OrganicDon Cherry's Electric Sonic GardenHeart's ReflectionCuneiform Records
12:56 AM------------------------------------- break -------------------------------------
12:57 AMAlex Skolnick TrioPath of Least ResistenceVeritasPalmetto
12:59 AM***

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