Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sensitive Chaos 'Seeker After Patterns' is WMSE Pick of 2011

Maybe there are almost too many a best-of list by years’ end, but it must be said, that as far as Milwaukee music aficionados go, no group of people knows music, front-to-back, across all genres, than the DJs of WMSE. You see it on our weekly top chartsand hear it for yourself on your radios and through your headphones and computer speakers. WMSE DJs are volunteers because they love music, and it shows: each three-hour program is designed, per DJ, to introduce the listener to both old favorites and newly-becoming classics.
Already got a favorite WMSE DJ? Take a peek at what they liked this past year, then check out the rest. You might find your own tastes aligning with DJs whose shows you might not be familiar with. Here’s the best of the best from us, to you. Thanks for another great year of Frontier Radio.
Mary Bartlein: Instrumental Saturdays, Saturdays, 6pm-9pm
Ken Elkinson: Music for Commuting
This is essentially a 6-CD set of ambient commuter music. It’s great.
Paul Spaeth: Redemption
Paul is a local musician/composer (West Bend) who is currently out in LA trying to break into the film soundtrack world. I’m pretty sure he will have a long career in film. Beautiful CD!
David Helping and Jon Jenkins: The Crossing
Another great effort by David and Jon — the follow-up to Treasure.
Kavi: Breath of Fire
Great world beat dane music.
M.K. Sol: The Guild
I love this CD!
Stevin McNamara: Prana Groove
Everybody loved this one. I got calls every time I played it.
Bombay Dub Orchestra: 3 Cities
I’m a big fan of Bombay Dub Orchestra and I got a lot of use out of this CD
Loga Romin Torkian: Mehrab
This is a beautiful CD. I did an interview with Loga after this came out and it was really fun and informative, if I don’t say so myself!
Sensitive Chaos: Seeker After Patterns
Interesting new addition to the WMSE shelves. I played a lot of the tracks from this. Nice, long tracks.
Cyberchump: Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
The long-awaited new CD by local boy Mark GE and Kansas boy Jim Skeel. You can’t beat this double CD set. Another good interview, too, by the way.

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