Monday, December 19, 2011

WYSO 91.3FM Alpha Rhythms plays "Carillon et le Champagne"

WYSO Playlists

Alpha RyhthmsJustin Vanderberg, Jerry Kenney and Juliet FromholtDec 18, 2011
8:00PM - 11:00PM
NameSong TitleName of CDTrack LabelOn-Air TimePurchase
Prem JoshuaSecreat PlaceNirvana Lounge 02Chall'oMusic8:00:00PMAmazon
Johan AgebjornSpiral StaircaseThe Mountain LakeLotusSpike8:09:45PMAmazon
Candice NightNow and Then (2011)ReflectionsMinstrel Hall Music8:15:16PMAmazon
Darshan AmbientGhosts of AfricaDream in BlueLotuspike8:21:24PMAmazon
Sensitive ChaosCarillon et le ChampagneRemembering Chesnuts, Icy Cold and BellsSubsequent Records8:28:42PMAmazon
Corina BartaSiri Gaitri MantraEcstatic Chants From the InfiniteEl Condor8:41:35PMAmazon
David ArkenstoneNightscapeAmbient DriveDono8:52:38PMAmazon
Ludovico EinaudiNightbookThe Royal Albert Hall ConcertPonderosa Music & Art9:02:43PMAmazon
BodhiOdessa IIITransUkraineCrystal Wind9:10:00PMAmazon
GovindaCelebratumEntwined & EntranchedEarthTone9:16:36PMAmazon
SajjadUnseen SacrificesWhere I BelongSajjad9:21:55PMAmazon
Massive AttackBetter ThingsProtectionCirca9:31:46PMAmazon
Zeus FaberEarly MorningHearts Of Space Universe Collection 4Hearts Of Space9:36:06PMAmazon
David DarlingDawnDark WoodECM9:43:06PMAmazon
Mychael Danna & Tim ClementCootes ParadiseNorth Of NiagraHearts Of Space9:48:17PMAmazon
AshanaLoving Kindness (excerpt)All Is ForgivenSpirit Voyage9:54:19PMAmazon
Dead Can DanceEnigma Of The AbsoluteSpleen And Ideal4AD10:03:54PMAmazon
John DoanResting Upon Jacob's PillowHearts Of Space Universe Collection 4Hearts Of Space10:08:30PMAmazon
VangelisMain Theme From "Missing"ThemesPolydor10:12:43PMAmazon
David ArkenstoneAnother Star In The SkyAnother Star In The SkyNarada Mystique10:16:42PMAmazon
David Helpling & Jon JenkinsNot ForgottenThe CrossingSpotted Peccary10:21:35PMAmazon
Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt, Mark RowndDreamwalkingConvergenceSpotted Peccary10:31:45PMAmazon
Black Tape For A Blue GirlI Have No More AnswersRemnants Of A Deeper PurityProjekt10:42:58PMAmazon
The Mystifying OracleSagacious Gibbe'rQuintesscence>Self Released<10:53:32PMAmazon

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