Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WYSO plays Sensitive Chaos "A Piece of Stars"

WYSO Playlists

Alpha RyhthmsJustin Vanderberg, Jerry Kenney and Juliet FromholtDec 04, 2011
8:00PM - 11:00PM
NameSong TitleName of CDTrack LabelRelease YearOn-Air TimePurchase
Little WolfBe Happy Here on Mother EarthWolf MoonMercury8:01:00PMAmazon
AOMusicOne Kaleo...and Love Rages On!AO Music / Arcturian Gate8:08:17PMAmazon
Darshan AmbientA Day Within DaysA Day Within DaysLotusSpike8:13:32PMAmazon
Annette CantorWater BlessingSongs to the EarthAnnette Cantor8:18:38PMAmazon
David ArkentstoneLiquid SkyAmbient SkyDono8:30:08PMAmazon
Kate BushLake Tahoe50 Words For SnowANTI-8:38:17PMAmazon
Tangerine DreamDream SculptureArchitecture in MotionMiramar8:48:06PMAmazon
2002Flight of the SwanDamayantiGalactic Playground8:53:14PMAmazon
Dr. Fernando SilesOther Side of the MoonPeruvian SoulThrough It All Music8:58:47PMAmazon
EarthtalkMoons of the PleiadesEarthtalkCastle Lane9:06:59PMAmazon
Al Gromer KhanAgori DancesTantra DanceNew Earth9:13:24PMAmazon
Catherine Marie CharltonRed Leaf, Grey SkyRed Leaf, Grey SkyCatherine Marie Charlton9:20:29PMAmazon
Sensitive ChaosA Piece of StarsSeeker After PatternsSubsequent Records9:26:14PMAmazon
Blow Up HollywoodddkCollections>Self Released<20119:34:31PMAmazon
Patrick O'HearnReaching LandTransitions>Self Released<20119:39:16PMAmazon
Dean De BenedictisMemories Echo Far Ablaze In The ValleysSalvaging Thre PastSpotted Peccary20079:44:37PMAmazon
Jonathan EliasDeliverancePath To ZeroAcross The Universe Records20119:49:34PMAmazon
Eric HarrySun Children[The Language Of Flowers]Calm Records20099:56:34PMAmazon
Kathryn KayeWaiting For The RainDreaming Still>Self Released<201010:04:25PMAmazon
Lisa GerrardThe Sea WhispererThe Silver TreeRubber Records200610:11:00PMAmazon
Robert LintonMoments Of ReverieThroughout The Autumn LightOctober Moon Records201010:15:00PMAmazon
Darshan AmbientA Letter From HomeDream In BlueLotuspike201110:18:49PMAmazon
Jonn Serrie & Gary StroutsosThe Rain MaidenHidden WorldNarada200010:28:08PMAmazon
Steve Roach(Selctions From...)Journey Of OneProjekt201110:35:30PMAmazon

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